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Кадровые агентства Москвы и лучшее среди них – «President Service Consult» – предлагают свои услуги: подбор персонала (в том числе и региональный), лизинг персонала и многое другое


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Блок заказчика: Подбор персонала О кадровом агентстве President Consult Servise: подбор персонала, кадровый консалтинг Соискателям: поиск работы, резюме, вакансии Полезная информация по подбору персонала, поиску работы, выбору кадрового агентства

For Employers

Поиск резюме (ENG)
Разместить вакансию (ENG)

PSC offers simple and efficient solutions of staffing issues. In our work we employ the most advanced technologies and methods of recruiting and staff consulting. Involvement and aiming at a long-term co-operation guarantee ultimate comfort for our clients, prompt implementation of the orders, high quality of the services rendered and meticulous observation of the principles of business ethics.

Our company is distinguished through the following features:

Individual approach to every client,
Flexibility of terms of co-operation,
Complex services,
Professional and high-qualified specialists,
Advanced search techniques,
Quality assurance and observation of business ethics.

The selection of a proper candidate is conducted in several stages:

1) Preliminary discussion of the order

You contact us in any convenient way:
— on the telephone: +7 (495) 649 4622
— via e-mail: info@Superpersonal.ru
— by filling in the application form on our website.

After that, within several minutes, your personal manager communicates with you. The manager will acquaint you with the details of the work scheme in our agency, answer all your questions and if necessary will assist you in filling in the application form for an employee search. The manager appoints a meeting for any time which suits you best in order to have a more detailed discussion of the open position and for concluding an agreement.

Starting from the first minutes after obtaining the information about the vacancy we start an active search for the candidates. The search is also conducted in our database which is updated on a regular basis.

2) Selecting a specialist

Presenting resumes and candidates begins from the moment of signing the agreement and the application form. To find a proper candidate we use our own database, mass media, Internet sources, professional skills of our recruiting managers, personal contacts and other search methods.

At any point of time you can receive a report from the manager on the work progress, the information concerning the media where the vacancy is published, as well as the number of candidates who have been invited to interview in the agency, the criteria according to which they have been turned down or recommended for your consideration, etc.

3) Presenting a candidate

In the result of the search, selection and assessment of the candidates we usually present from 3 to 5 persons who meet your requirements at most. Beside their resumes you also get the opinion of the manager, letters of recommendation from the candidates’ previous jobs and if necessary the results of psychological and professional tests. Our manager arranges for you the interview with the candidates.

4) Hiring a candidate

A candidate is considered given an employment from the instant when he/she actually starts work for the Client. A bilateral act of services performed is signed and an invoice is issued within three days after the Candidate assumes office. Starting from that moment and for the following 4 months our agency has guarantee obligations concerning the employed candidate. The replacement of the candidate is performed FREE OF COST!

If any questions arise, please, do not hesitate to contact us via:
Tel.: +7 (495)649 4622 , or
e-mail: info@Superpersonal.ru

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Подбор персонала, кадровое агентство ...in english ...по русски
Кадровые агентства Москвы и лучшее среди них – «President Service Consult» – предлагают свои услуги: подбор персонала (в том числе и региональный), лизинг персонала и многое другое