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Кадровые агентства Москвы и лучшее среди них – «President Service Consult» – предлагают свои услуги: подбор персонала (в том числе и региональный), лизинг персонала и многое другое


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Блок заказчика: Подбор персонала О кадровом агентстве President Consult Servise: подбор персонала, кадровый консалтинг Соискателям: поиск работы, резюме, вакансии Полезная информация по подбору персонала, поиску работы, выбору кадрового агентства


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We offer a full range of management consulting services, starting from the situation analysis to providing assistance in the introduction of administrative changes as well as organizing the operations of sales departments which deal directly with the clients.
Main Issues of Consulting:
1. CEO consulting:

1.1. Personal efficiency

Reinforce the strong points and turn to a well-tuned management tool those qualities which the CEO believes to be a drawback;
Study the company’s business and the CEO’s environment and formulate the profile of success, i.e. a set of essential CEO qualities which ensure a successful development of the company;
Be in permanent contact with the top team and in the course of personal coaching develop the skills of settling urgent business matters.

1.2. Team efficiency

Select candidates from inside or outside the company to form a team, assess their weak and strong points;
Ensure that the members of the team supplement each other well, interact effectively and understand each other and the management;
Succeed in understanding the members of the team and find a personal approach to each of them;
Create a special atmosphere inside the team, which would unite people, form a culture corresponding to the current stage of business development.

1.3. Business efficiency

Evaluate the role and impact of human factor on business efficiency;
Translate the vision of the management to all the levels and ensure that the staff share this vision;
Introduce changes planned by the management avoiding resistance or at least reducing it to minimum;
Rely on the most enterprising, hard-working and talented members of the staff while introducing the changes.

2. Testing and forming systems of staff management

A system of candidates selection and placement;
A staff training and development system;
An assessment system.

3. Staff assessment

Individual diagnostic interview (assessment) for the top and medium-level managers;
Selection and assessment of the staff by means of assessment centres;
Design and application of professional methods for the assessment of the staff in a certain business unit.

4. Arrangement of a system of service quality management

Development of client services standards;
Sales staff training in client services standards;
Development of a client-oriented system of sales staff motivation.

5. Development of regulations

Staff procedures (search and selection, job introduction scheme, provisions for staff certification, etc.);
Corporate standards (client work, dress code and personal appearance, conduct within the company, etc.);
Corporate sales book (sales instructions).

6. Merchandising

Complex arrangement of merchandising (covering every aspect from commercial merchandising – assortment policies and correct sales calculation – to visual merchandising), which includes review of shops and assortment of goods, analysis of development strategy and competitors, consequent elaboration of clear recommendations concerning all the issues from the assortment of goods to their lay-out and presenting information in shops.

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Подбор персонала, кадровое агентство ...in english ...по русски
Кадровые агентства Москвы и лучшее среди них – «President Service Consult» – предлагают свои услуги: подбор персонала (в том числе и региональный), лизинг персонала и многое другое